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Raw Materials:

We collect the plastic materials thrown into the nature! By using recycled plastic raw materials, on a monthly basis,

We retrieve 250,000 kg of plastics.

Energy Saving:

* By injection machines with servo engines, we achieve 40% of energy saving.

* By making heat insulation around the machine resistances, we achieve 25% energy saving.


* With the architectural design of the factory, we maximize the benefit obtained from daylight and as a result, we save 20% from the total energy used in lighting.

*With investment on the led lighting systems, it sis planned that a 30% energy saving will be achieved in our factory.

* Thanks to building insulation, it is aimed that a 20% saving on the energy that is used in heating and consumption be achieved.

Water saving:


* Via closed circuit cooling system, we are taking control of the vaporizing in our machines. In this way, we are saving 75 tons of water per annum.


* We are degrading our recyclable waste like cardboard, battery, waste oil etc. and dangerous waste and give those to agreed institutions.