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Our company gives importance to quality. In that respect, every day, we intend to add a new certificate our certificates. Currently we have ISO 9001:2008 certificate. For our ne factory, the certification process for ISO 14001:2008 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001-work health and safety management system are in progress. In addition to these, Sedex implementation is taking place as well. Due to our respect for the environment, systems that will use the energy resources in the most efficient manner are being implemented in our factory.

Our quality policy:

  • Complying with the legal conditions,
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction,
  • Meeting the customer requests correctly,
  • Completing the task assigned in a timely manner and correctly,
  • Providing periodic training to employees,
  • Continuously enhancing and developing ourselves and our company,
  • From raw materials to the sales, in all the steps of the processes, effective application of the quality system,
  • Ensuring that we periodically review our identified purposes and targets. Providing the necessary resources to reach these purposes and achieve the targets,
  • For quality, ensuring that the discrepancies are identified and prevented,
  • Ensuring the customer satisfaction via manufacturing of high quality products that are in accordance with the requests of the customer, via correct communication and via correct service,
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction,
  • Adoption of our quality policy by all of our employees and ensuring the application of our quality policy.

Our mission

Our mission is while meeting the requests and expectations of our customers in the products and services we provide, ensuring the continuity of quality and improving quality. As Dogus Aski, we would like to keep the quality of the products and services that we have undertaken at the maximum level, from the place of start to the point of ending. Establishing customer satisfaction, succeeding in winning the trust and loyalty of the customers, working in the areas of quality standards and ethical values. Being a company that respects the environment. Being a company that continuously develops, without making sacrifices on understanding of service level.

Our vision

Dogus Aski is aware of the business it conducts with an understanding of above all value for human, respect for human and high quality service. Here our basic vision is as follows; to create a leader company in its sector that creates difference with the products and services it delivers and a brand awareness that is hold up as a example. This company would be such a company that it has staff that is open to changes and innovation. Furthermore, it should be a company that adopted the speed, technology and sustainable development. We would lie to be the leaders in product variety and be the pioneer in the services sector. We would like to create a difference. We would like to be a global brand by taking the support of all of our clients, by improving the quality level of our products and services constantly.

Customer satisfaction policy

Our company operates in the area of “Manufacturing of hangers, hanger accessories and packaging”. Within our area of business, we aim to deliver superior service to our customers. According to our customer satisfaction management system, while providing those services, we guarantee the solution of the customer complaints are resolved in a clear, fair, transparent and quick way. Our basic policy in that respect is composed of the elements stated below;

  • By transforming every complaint to a thank you, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction,
  • Delivering services in compliance with the current laws, legislations, regulations and standards,
  • Providing services, solutions and support that are focused on customer expectations and customer satisfaction,
  • With a customer focused understanding, taking the requests and complaints of the customers on a 7/24 basis and taking records of these. Regarding the requests and complaints, by taking the necessary actions quickly, providing effective support to the customers and providing them solutions,
  • As a result of the complaint analysis and the feedback we receive from our customers, constantly enhancing our products and services. With a proactive approach, taking precautions before the incident takes place,
  • Without making any discrimination, providing all sorts of support to our customers,

Our environment and work health management system policy

  • Provision of services in compliance with the laws, regulations, provisions and standards,
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources,
  • Ensuring that the pollution is prevented at its source,
  • Taking the necessary precautions to prevent pollutants reach the air, soil and water,
  • Ensuring that our environment, work health and security performance is continuously improved and developed,
  • With the environment and work health management system we have established, preparing a healthy and secure work environment for all of our employees,
  • Periodic review of our purposes and targets. Provision of the necessary resources to reach those targets,
  • By analyzing the health and security risks that may emerge at the working premises, minimizing them,
  • Conducting training activities for development of work health and safety awareness and environmental awareness
  • By adopting the policy of zero work accidents and zero occupational illness, improving the efficiency by taking the necessary precautions.