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Human Resources

Dogus Aski believes that human resources are the most important capital of the company. The human resources policy of the company is based on establishment of an employee profile that is an expert in his/her profession, highly motivated, possessing social skills and creates value added in his/her activities. Furthermore, the department intends to manage, direct and develop the human resources correctly.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • Ensuring employment of right people at the right positions,
  • For new positions, primarily making use of the human resources already available within the group,
  • Ensuring that the employees take on tasks that are appropriate to their knowledge and sills,
  • Keeping the morale and motivation of employees at all levels, establishment of a family environment,
  • From the workers health and safety perspective, establishment of a healthy, secure and peaceful work environment,
  • To identify the training needs of the employees, preparing training programs to meet those needs and executing these training programs,
  • Evaluation of the employee performances based on objective criteria and rewarding high performance,
  • Providing internship opportunities to university and high school students,
  • To provide an open communication environment,
  • Protecting and developing the personal rights of the employees.

Our Human Rights and Employee Rights Policy:

With its activities and its performance, Dogus Aski has a respectable and credible position. The company intends to establish a work environment that respects to the human rights and by spreading this understanding, it aims to improve the consciousness and awareness of it s employees, its customers and stakeholders.

The employees of Dogus Aski are responsible for the relationships among themselves and the customers. In accordance with our respect for the human rights and our Ethical Principles, it is required that those relationships should enclose not making discrimination based on language, religion, race, gender, philosophical belief, sect, etc. Furthermore, it is required that these relationships are always within the framework of honesty, trust, objectivity and transparency. At all times, employees should avoid such behaviors that may be interpreted as maltreating and avoid disruption of the work environment.
In order to prevent all sorts of maltreating, discrimination or harassment from happening at the work place, the management of Dogus Aski has taken the necessary precautions. In the event of complaints, the necessary investigations are done and in case evidence exists, the necessary administrative sanctions are applied.

As a requirement of our Human Rights policy, we do not have any commercial relationship with the real persons or entities that are known to have utilized child labor and have acts that are in violation of the human rights.

Both in selection for employment and during the career development, Dogus Aski pays utmost care for providing equal opportunities among its applicants and its employees and not making any discriminations. Dogus Aski ensures that those women employees who give birth to a child proceed with their career from the place where they have left. With this, the company intends to preserve a work environment that protects the work-family life balance.

Dogus Aski employees are employed in accordance with the provisions of Labor Law numbered 4857. Dogus Aski takes utmost care to provide a health work environment for its employees. Regarding work health and safety (WHS), the company takes the necessary precautions in relation with the legal requirements and provides training to the personnel on the subject of work health and safety.

The wishes and complaints of Dogus Aski employees regarding the working conditions, personal rights, duties and responsibilities are delivered to the human resources department and followed up there. Annual Employee Satisfaction measurements and performance evaluations are being done. According to the results obtained, studies for increasing the satisfaction and motivation are conducted and trainings are planned.

Dogus Aski is against forced labor and involuntary servitude. Our company expects all of its customers and suppliers also comply with this attitude.


Available positions:

* Injection craftsman
* Cafeteria responsible

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