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We protect the environment

We identify new technologies and methods targeted for protection of the environment and reduction of the risks in our activities. We guarantee results via procedures and emergency plans.

A cleaner future

As Dogus Aski, for a future that is sustainable and open to improvement, during all sorts of our activities, we take the necessary precautions to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Recycling is life.

We love our planet and we support recycling. By recycling an important portion of the wastes, we obtain re-usable raw materials.

Dogus Aski

Plastic Clothe Hangers

From high quality and luxury design models to best quality and best price models, with our modern hanger manufacturing, we manufacture products that will satisfy all of your needs.


Customers are our biggest priority. We keep their happiness above everything and we care about their needs. As a team, we provide customer satisfaction thanks to true and effective communication we establish with them.

We are leader of quality

Dogus Aski is running to talk the same language with the world. Currently, we are operating under ISO 9001 quality certificate. In our new factory also, the infrastructure studies are being conducted in the framework of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and Sedex rules.

We are competitive

In every area we operate, we always start serious competition. In every area, we target first place. We are fast and nimble. By working hard and by going beyond ourselves, we, in the first place, deliver our customers the best.

We are innovational

Due to increasing demand from our customers and our constant effort to present new products, we could not fit in to our existing factory. With our new factory established on an area of 3,000 m2 in Kirklareli, day by day, we are increasing our capacity.

250 Tons of plastics
% 60 energy savings
%80 contribution to the economy